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Welcome to the Community Window on the Hunters Point Shipyard Cleanup!

The Community Window on the Hunters Point Shipyard Cleanup is an information clearinghouse on the environmental cleanup of the Hunters Point Shipyard, located in the Bayview/Hunters Point neighborhood of San Francisco.  [Photo: The Community Window on the Shipyard office on Third Street in San Francisco.] This is an environmental justice project dedicated to empowering the Bayview community and all residents of San Francisco with the information and resources needed to become meaningfully involved in the cleanup of the Hunters Point Shipyard Superfund site.

Through our office in the Bayview and this web site, our aim is to ensure that you, the public, have the support you need to express your concerns about the cleanup and to ensure that the cleanup of the Hunters Point Shipyard meets your goals for health, safety and environmental protection.

What's in the Community Window office?

We invite you to stop in and visit us at the Community Window on the Hunters Point Shipyard Cleanup Information Center at 4634 Third Street in San Francisco. What can you do in our Information Center?

    [Photo: Display about Hunters Point Shipyard Parcels.]
  • View displays about the Shipyard cleanup
  • Browse a library of:
    • An archive of Navy documents about the cleanup, including documents currently available for public comment
    • Comment letters from state and federal regulators and Arc Ecology about the cleanup
    • Our factsheets about the contamination, cleanup, and related environmental topics
  • Use our public computer to view electronic documents about the Shipyard or to research related topics online
  • Ask A Scientist! Talk with Arc Ecology's staff scientists about the cleanup
  • Participate in community educational workshops and discussions
  • Call us at 415-643-1190 for answers to your questions about the cleanup of the Shipyard

What's on the Community Window web site?

Through this web site, you can:

  • Learn about upcoming decisions on the cleanup of the Shipyard that you can participate in
  • Find out about public meetings about the Shipyard cleanup
  • Learn about the Shipyard, the Shipyard's cleanup process, and military pollution
  • Find out why the Hunters Point Shipyard cleanup is an environmental justice issue
  • Download our factsheets about the cleanup
  • Read Arc Ecology's comments on the Navy's cleanup plans and activities
  • Locate on-line resources to help you become better informed about the cleanup
  • Take our interpretive tour of the Shipyard
  • Learn about upcoming and past environmental education discussions at the Community Window and related resources


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