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The Parcels

Hunters Point Shipyard consists of 936 acres: 503 on land and 433 under water in San Francisco Bay. To accelerate the cleanup of the Shipyard, the Navy divided the facility into six separate parcels, A through F.
Click on the map below to learn more about each parcel.


[Link to Parcel A map] [Link to map of Parcel A] [Link to map of Parcel B] [Link to map of Parcel C] [Link to map of Parcel E] [Link to map of Parcel D] [Link to map of Parcel F] [Link to map of Parcel F] [Link to map of Parcel F] [Link to map of Parcel F] [Link to map of Parcel F]

Map of the Hunters Point Shipyard, San Francisco, CA, as of September 2004



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